Do you know someone who needs a treat. The kind of treat that will help all their worries & stress disolve!?


Maybe they are tired, overworked, & needed by everybody all the time? And just need some YOU time!?


Introducing an evening of BLISS. An experience that is so divine, this lucky person will want to do it again & again.


All they have to do is show up &  I guide them through a beautifully restful & equally rejuvenating Yin & Restorative Yoga experience. The bliss vibes flow!


Relax with gentle yoga, unwind & chat with friends & new people. 


2021 dates to be announced soon.

2021 Bliss Night: Yin & Restorative Yoga Experience

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    • 90+ minute yoga class
    • Plant based platter & treats.

    • Herbal tea


    To create a time, space and vibes for a person such as yourself to have time to relax & take it easy. To nurture & nourish you mind, body & soul.