I'm a guide on the side to keep you accountable to make the changes that you desire.

Are you feeling the heaviness of life at the moment or ready for a change & need a little boost? 

Are you stressed, fatigued, experience brain fog, maybe even a little bit emotionally numb. Lacking connection to yourself & others, do you ruminate? Your mental health feels, well non existent!

What would life look & feel like if you had:

  • Stress management & stress release strategies

  • Increased energy

  • Stronger connection to yourself & others

  • Improved mindset & mood

With my back to basics approach to holistic health & wellness, you will develop an individualised wellness toolkit so that you can better empower & support yourself. I help you to map your wellness each session. You'll learn quick, easy, immediate habits & strategies that will help you to feel refreshed & new again. We will focus on my 3 principles of health & wellness: MIND, BODY & CONNECTION

Refresh & Renew 6 Session package

  • I provide space to discuss and discover how you can make small daily shifts in habit & mindset to curate a calmer and more sustainable lifestyle, where health and well-being are a priority. I support you to master the basics, so that you can live with more presence, attention & intention to your beliefs, stories & values so that you can live in alignment with your desires.

    This package includes 6 one-on-one sessions over 6 weeks. This time frame may suit you if you want to make fast change. (If you prefer more time, we can meet every 2nd week)


    Over the 6 session we will cover things like;

    • Discovering your desires & goals

    • How to relax, release & let go of stress

    • Cultivating self-care

    • Nutrition, Hydration & your gut

    • Movement & exercise

    • Syncing with your body

    FREE 30 minute Discovery Call, to find out if this is right for you?

    These sessions are 50 minutes each, one-on-one in person or via zoom