This it the next Pinot & Picasso appropriation!


Do you like yoga?

Do you like getting creative and making art?


If you do, this is just for you!


I'll guide you through a relaxing & gentle yoga class, where you can unwind and destress. So that you can then unleash your inner Frida Kahlo with an art class lead by Moi! Did I mentin that I'm an art teacher too!?

Yep, Jack of all trades, master of none! 


This is the perfect evening with a bestie or two, or to do just for you!


Dates to be announced soon.


    • 75 minute yoga class
    • Plant based platter & treats.

    • Herbal tea

    • Art class, including all necessary equipment



    To create a time, space and vibes for a person such as yourself to have time to relax, have fun & take it easy. To nurture & nourish you mind, body & soul.