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I was a high school Visual Arts, Photography & Positive Psychology teacher working in a tough Western Sydney school. I worked hard, I loved my students & I was a damned good teacher but the matrix had me.  Constant stress, that was making me physically ill, deadlines & perfectionism that made me anxiety laden.

Exhaustion was my norm, leaving little to no space for a fulfilled life outside of work.

I would regularly find myself deep in my mental to do list, being eager to check things

off so that I could then 'relax'.


But did I ever relax? No, never completely. I didn't know how to.

Where was I?


Rarely BEing in the present moment that's for sure.


All of my loved ones were not getting the best version of me. Nor was I!

It took a long time for me to get up the courage to take the red pill; to walk

away from the 'security' of a permanent job that I had worked so hard for. 

Do you need to leave your job, career or something else, heck no, only if you want to. Perhaps the radical shift for you is simply deciding that you want someting better and that can come in the form of small daily habits & choices.


But I did walk away.

And I haven’t looked back.

Now I want to help you.

Gimme the red pill!

My Training with IIN

I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition* where I learned innovative coaching methods, practical lifestyle management techniques, & over 100 dietary theories – Ayurveda, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Raw, Vegan, Macrobiotics, & everything in between.

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My Training with Iyta

I graduated from the International Yoga Teachers Association* where I studied innovative Hatha Yoga methods, with safety as the paramount objective, practical yoga teaching methods, pranayama (breathwork), meditation, yoga philosophy and more. Much, much more. My brain still hurts. Ay caramba!

IYTA Diploma.jpg

My education has equipped me with extensive, cutting-edge knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, prevention, Hatha Yoga, movement and mobility, mindfulness, stress management and meditation. Drawing on my expertise, I work with my clients to help make lifestyle changes and choose health-promoting ways that produce real and lasting results. You will develop a deeper understanding of food and lifestyle choices that work best for you, improving your energy, balance, health, and happiness.

I have also recently completed my training to become a NLP Master Practitioner, this is truly life changing!

Each health coaching session will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. We will talk about things beyond food, seeking to bring balance to important elements of your life such as love and relationships as well as career and money. I will personally and carefully guide you to make simple, small changes that transform your life.

Each yoga class will feel like a mini retreat. You'll be grateful that you have taken this time out for your mind body and spirit each week as you evolve into the next Yoda. He did yoga you know, all that sub conscious work with the force! Actually I have no idea! 

  • NLP Master Practitioner (2022)

  • Certified as an Integrative Health Coach trained through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (2019)

  • Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher trained through the International Yoga Teachers Association (2019)

  • Kids Yoga Teacher trained through Kids Yoga Education (2018)

  • Trained in Choice Theory Reality Therapy to teach Positive Psychology to high school students (2015)

  • Masters of Secondary Education University of Western Sydney (2011)

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts university of New South Wales (2010)

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