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Coaching packages

Life feels like a never ending game of mental fitness right!

Are you feeling the heaviness of modern life, the relentless pressures of doing 'all the things', always feeling stressed & never fully rested. Constantly refreshing & downloading the to-do list in your head? Shuffling around like a zombie.


Or the opposite, putting on a brave face but crumbling on the inside, feeling void & vacant. Like life is kicking you in the lady balls or the man balls!

Work might feel like the absolute pits, but you've got pay the bills.


Are you in a job that just doesn't light you up.


Do you simply just want a better quality of life & relationship to yourself? 

Are you stressed, fatigued, experience brain fog, maybe even a little bit emotionally numbLacking connection to yourself & others, do you ruminate?


Perhaps your mental health feels, well non existent!

What would life look & feel like if you had:

  • Stress management & stress release strategies

  • Increased energy

  • Stronger connection to yourself & others

  • Improved mindset & mood

  • more self awareness & emotional intelligence

  • A clearer understanding of how you subconsciously perceive the world & your experience.


Are you ready for a life audit, but need a little boost or a loving kick up the bum!?

I've got you. I'm here to support you.

I know the impact of having a coach, I've had many. I know how comforting it feels to be supported by someone who is unbiased, knowledgeable, compassionate & caring, but will really tell you how it really is if they need to. Sometimes we need tough love with a gentle presence.

With my back to basics approach to holistic health & wellness, together we can develop an individualised wellness toolkit (if that's what you need) so that you can better empower & support yourself.

Some people simply need to know what to do. I can help you to map your wellness each session. You'll learn quick, easy, immediate habits & strategies that will help you to feel refreshed & new again. We will focus on my 3 principles of health & wellness: MIND, BODY & CONNECTION

For others it may be talking things out and getting to the bottom of resistance to do this things you want to do. This is where we an utilise other approaches & modalities.

(If this is already sounding like just what you need then scroll down to the packages.)

I look forward to working with you !

Coaching Packages


Free call to discuss your challenges & goals & to see if we are a perfect match!

We will discuss your current health status in all facets of life, not just nutrition or movement. But, where you would like to go, so that I can gather a good idea of how I could assist you best & if I'm the right person for you.

We will talk about the three main areas of concern for you at the present time. And I can ask some big hitting questions to get you thinking too.

I'm not here to be sleazy & sell you anything. You've dropped into my world because you need support, you like my take on life & humour & you're ready for a life audit! 

I'll give you the low down of my services & what to expect & all that jazz. Hopefully it feels right for you, we'll begin our Health Coaching sessions very soon after.

Please note that this call is not a coaching session. We both need to make sure that we are the best fit for each other, it matters that we connect!

WELLNESS RESET- 90 min session

Are you chronically stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, fatigued, burnt out, disconnected?

This package is ideal for a complete health & wellness new-by or someone who has veered off the health & wellness magic carpet. This blueprint session is about going back to basics to re-fresh & renew.

With my back to basics approach to holistic health & wellness, you will develop an mini individualised wellness toolkit so that you can better empower & support yourself.

I'll help you to map your wellness in this session.

You'll learn quick, easy, immediate habits & strategies that will help you to feel refreshed & new again.

We will focus on my 3 principles of health & wellness: MIND, BODY & CONNECTION

You will leave with a mini toolkit & plan of action steps to implement in working towards helping the mind & body de-stress, detox & relax. While rejuvenating the connection to yourself & loved ones.

At the end of the session, you'll feel inspired, motivated & have new direction & tactics to make shifts in daily habits.

This back to basic approach has the ability to facilitate considerable change if it is maintained with regularity & consistency!

FREE 15 minute Get Acquainted call, to discover if this is right for you?

This single session is 90 minutes one-on-one in person or via zoom

Investment: $149



I’ve always been the kind of person who needs to talk things through out loud to come to the answer I need – I found the wellness blueprint was a great way for me to talk through and identify what some of my personal goals are and to set some realistic steps that I can take to start me towards that. Ash was great at helping me to find strategies that I could work into my busy schedule without difficulty. Working in a busy, high pressure environment has made it easy for me to fall into bad habits this year and to lose focus on the work/life balance that I need. I now have a more holistic plan of action that I am comfortable with and am already feeling the benefits in the few short weeks since I have started putting my plan in action.


Ash really listened to what I needed and found something that worked for me – it didn’t feel like a one size fits all approach and I felt she really understood my needs and tailored a plan to suit me. Thank you

Catherine, Senior Performance Manager 2019

Catherine then went on to invest in a package. Read about her experience.

"BreakThrough" Coaching PACKAGE

This is a powerful & impactful package, we go deep, real DEEP! Subconscious mind kind of deep.


It's like ripping off a band-aid, wham bam thank you maam!


This is where were use the tools of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to rewire your model of the world.

This breakthrough package is a deep dive into what is bothering you the most right now.

The main thing that you feel like if we were able to shift it, it would change your world today.

A deep limiting belief, a patter of behaviours in work or home that aren't serving you.....the list is endless because we are fascinating creatures!

This package includes a detailed Personal History session, where I’m a detective looking for the details in what you share (the bit where I get to be Sherlock Holmes). 

Then I take you through powerful NLP tools (subconscious mind wizardry) to help you obliterate the challenges you’re facing. Other what we need is a sub conscious slap to the face, something to shake up the habitual thinking & stories that run the shoe behind the scenes. 

FREE 30 minute Discovery Call, to find out if this is right for you?

This package can be done in one epic day or over (approximately) 3 x 2 hour sessions, one-on-one in person or via zoom.


$599  Payment plan available

Forest Bthing.jpg

"Easy does it" Coaching PACKAGE


This package is a slow & steady, safe space to keep coming back to. I want you to court your own mind! sounds weird I know, but learning about the way you thing is powerful stuff.


I provide space to discuss & discover how you can make small daily shifts in habit & mindset to curate a calmer & more sustainable lifestyle, where health & well-being are a priority. I support you to master the basics, so that you can live with more presence, attention & intention to your beliefs, stories & values so that you can live in alignment with your desires.

Often, it's not the mind blowing realisations & breakthroughs that have the life altering changes, its the microshifts.  

The main difference with this one is time.

We are layered creatures, sometimes more time to allow things to settle & integrate into our being. This approach works better for some people. This is me! I'm a self confessed slow processing unit.

It is just as powerful as the Breakthrough package above. We simply take our time. Just as yoga is the practice of getting to know oneself. the hardest thing is always stepping on the mat, but once you're there you learn something new about yourself. Having a coach or mentor acts like the mat, they are the non objective sound board for your mind. they pick up the thing that you might miss or hold back on.

This is a powerful & impactful package, we can go deep, as deep as you like & need! 

Depending on the topic discussed I'll use an individualised mix of health & wellness tips & strategies, NLP tools, emotional support, yoga, breathwork. This is a multi modal approach to your specific needs.

These sessions are 60 minutes each, one-on-one in person or via zoom.

This package includes 6 one-on-one sessions over 6 weeks or 12 weeks

(If you prefer more time, we can meet every 2nd week)

Book in a FREE 30 minute Discovery Call, to find out if this is right for you


$599  Payment plan available


I have a keen interest in holistic approaches to health, however, I haven’t always been sure how to implement this into everyday life. I wanted to improve my relationships with my family & the people I consider to be my village. I wanted to reconnect with myself, particularly my emotional & mental health.

The coaching highlighted alternate habits & strategies which I hadn't considered, but I believe have been far more sustainable. I found Ash's ability to individualise/personalise the guidance to my needs highly supportive.

After the 6 sessions with Ash, I believe I am more open minded, more considerate of my own & others well being and more patient/tolerant.

Doug, Estimator, 2020

. . . . . . . . . . . .

For years (ok, a lifetime), I have put off self care in place of parenting, domestic goddessing, work, adulting etc. 

It was with complete faith and a belly full of anxiety that I handed over this accumulated pandora’s box mental state to the caring and knowledgeable hands of Ash, after I had hit rock bottom and rolled around there for a while looking for answers of where to go next. 


Unsure of what to expect from a Health Coaching experience, Ash’s welcome was warm and nurturing as she poured my mind into a personalised safe haven and unfolded years of static in a tailor made structured approach to my personal wellbeing

With baby steps and leaps of faith, she was able to scrape through various levels of not only day to day stress but severe anxiety, and competently help me sort and compartment life almost as effortlessly as sitting with me and helping to fold laundry.      


Each week she checks in with her uplifting and warming aura and is the personal cheerleader I needed to usher myself along.


For anyone who has let themselves fall secondary to life, I wholeheartedly recommend allowing yourself the time and having a chat to Ash about how she can help untangle your mental rubix cube. 


Just making the first step to chat is a step towards positive growth. 


She is truly is the fairy godmother I needed.

Danielle, Medical Worker, 2021

. . . . . . . . . . . .


Ash I would like to take a moment to truly appreciate your craft, talent and overall energy.


Throughout my career and mama life I have struggled to truly understand my wellness and mindset that I needed to succeed in all aspects of my life. 12 months ago I began my journey of wellness… or what I understood wellness to be at the time. I started a fitness challenge, I worked on my food and I tried really hard to practise mindfulness activities “regularly”. I was failing, not failing in the eyes of others but failing to truely understand what my wellness was and is.

And then there was you… your bliss night started a whole new level of mediation and a moment in time to be with my mind and body. This practise then lead to an amazing gift from my bestie and that gift was the coaching sessions with you and we started this journey over 6 months ago. I was finally accountable, showing more gratitude in life, to myself and managed to love my journey just as much as myself inside and out.

Thank you mastering your craft and sharing your journey with me and supporting my through some big milestones in my life, wellness and mindset. I am blessed to have crossed paths with you.

Krystal, Corporate Staff Manager, 2021

. . . . . . . . . . . .

I needed to make a change. I was feeling stressed, overwhelmed, unfocussed and exhausted which was leading me to make choices out of convenience to get me through another day. I reached a point where I realised I just had to make change happen now and knew I needed some guidance and advice on how to do it. I went in without knowing exactly what I needed or wanted and Ash helped me to identify goals based on my ramblings!  Half way through Ash’s health coaching sessions and I feel like a new person. My energy levels are so much higher, I am more focussed at work, have better work/life balance and I have plenty of good practices in place that are sustainable for me – that’s the key word here! Ash has shown me that I don’t have to make big life altering changes to make improvements to my overall health and wellbeing.


Some of the things Ash has helped me with included strategies to make sustainable healthy eating choices to improve my energy and wellbeing, stress management and breathing techniques, easy to implement ways to start going “low-tox” in my life. She’s been flexible with my needs and I have felt welcomed and supported through the whole process. If you are thinking about health coaching and wanted change then take the plunge with Ash at Awaken Health Wellness Yoga – you won’t regret it.

Catherine, Senior Performance Manager, 2020

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