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I provide a range of workshops and events that cater to your health and well being needs. I believe that we all need a safe space to work on you time. To take time out to make space for reflection, rest & relaxation.


But do we do it? No! 



Possibly because we don't know how!


Lets try to shift out of the matrix of busy busy busy! Because that is making us sick!

It is not selfish to take time out for yourself, it is necessary!

With this in mind I offer the time & space that we ALL need. 

current events

Godess BLISS Circle website.png

Winter Solstice BLISS Circle

Women's circle & Yin & Restorative Yoga experience

Saturday June 15th 6-9pm


Hi Gorgeous people! 

To the women, this is for you. This event is the love child of a Women’s Circle & a Restorative Yoga experience & two soul sisters

3 hours of dedicated soul nourishing time for you & the collective sisterhood to relax, release & let go. The combination of circle medicine with embodying deep restorative relaxation is an opportunity for discovering a whole new level of connection & sweet cathartic release. 


This is sweet mind, body & soul time for you to connect to the seasons rhythms & create an intention for each cycle.

Join the soulful dream team of Claire @Claireheenan & myself at my serene yoga studio in Warrimoo for a luscious experience of being held, heard & nurtured.



  • Women’s Circle 

  • 60+ minute Yin/Restorative yoga session

  • Tea & plant based treats

  • Special gift for self care

  • Sound meditation 

  • Connection with other women

  • Being welcomed in a safe & judgment free zone

Option to arrive half an hour early for your choice of silent chill time in the studio or chat time in the reception area. 

To optimise your experience, this needs to be an intimate gathering so we are offering a limit of 9 spaces


Time: (past time)

Join: 5:30pm (If you would love silent time) or join by 5:55pm

Start: 6:00pm

Finish: 9:00pm (ish)

Once you have booked & paid, an email with more details will be sent closer to the date of the event.

Investment: $85 pp


Please check the Workshops & Events refund & cancellation policy at the bottom of this page before making any purchase.


A payment plan can be made available for you if that is supportive. Please reach out.

* please note a minimum of 4 people are required for the event to go ahead as planned *

Welcome Winter with intention & reverence
Bliss and Sound.png


Yin & Restorative Yoga with Sound Bath

A divine collaboration with Adriana from Golden Thread Sound & Mandalas

Next date:

. . . Saturday June 29th 4-6pm . . .

Hello Bliss seeker! 

Are you tired, overworked, & needed by everybody all the time?

Modern life can be a ball buster! We're constantly encouraged to rush, be busy & be productive!

Do you need some YOU time!? (It's ok to admit it too)

Sometimes slowing down & actually managing stress feels like too much work. But I assure you, it is absolutely worth it! And if you think you don't have time for it, then you REALLY need it!

These BLISS classes are an experience that is so divine, you'll want to do it again & again. That is my intention too, to facilitate a safe space for you to take the deep rest that you need & to do it regularly for the best impact.

I'll guide you through a beautifully restful & equally rejuvenating Yin & Restorative Yoga experience. While Adriana will be serenading you with the healing power of sound. All you have to do is show up & let the bliss vibes flow!

Relax with gentle yoga, unwind & untangle stress in my studio oasis, with soft, smooth vibrations of sound healing, a herbal tea, & a yummy treat post practice.

Sound like bliss? This is exactly what our nervous systems are craving & desperately needing right now!… always right ;)

SOUND THERAPY is a gentle, holistic & non invasive form of vibrational therapy. It utilises sound vibration of special instruments & tools to assist in strengthening, harmonising, recovery & re-balancing the body.


  • All yoga props are provided, but you can bring your own if you prefer.

  • 2 hour Yin & Restorative yoga practice immersed in healing sound frequencies by the beautiful Adriana from

  • Yummy post practice plant based treat.

Investment: $52

Please check the Workshops & Events refund & cancellation policy at the bottom of this page before making any purchase.

* If you would prefer to direct deposit the payment, please email for the bank details*

* please note a minimum of 8 people are required for the event to go ahead as planned *

This sweet little event is a beautiful addition to your stress & emotional wellness management.

Day Retreat.jpg


2024 Dates:

Sunday July 14th - 9:00am - 5pm

Are you in need of a deep RESET?


Have you been running on autopilot for way too long & not given yourself some time to REST & RESTORE?


My time in teaching, took me to an all new level of chronic stress. To the point it was making me sick & I was developing an autoimmune disease. Lucky I got on top of it early & made some changes. 

Now, I bring all of my skills together to create these nourishing self care events. Health, Wellness, yoga & my original love, Art.

This is the kind of thing that would've supported my stress management & overall health & wellness (but I was too deep in the stress vortex to realise). Clearly I had to learn the hard way, by burning out first. Hindsight is my greatest teacher! 

We all deserve & need time to get still & slow down. We all need to have a day to ourselves, where we can go within & shake off the busyness of modern life & press pause. I believe & know to be true for myself that, relaxation is a discipline.

This sweet day retreat is a simple back to basics self care & nourishment day. Yes, you can absolutely do this on your own (in fact, I encourage you to). But many of us need a bit of skin in the game & to allow someone else to take care of you for once!

This is for you if:

  • You are stressed, anxious & burnt out

  • You want a day for yourself, to NURTURE & NOURISH your mind body & soul (...& still go back to the comfort of your own bed)

  • You need a little SUPPORT & GUIDANCE to help slow down & reflect on your current habits & lifestyle. 

  • You love the idea of an urban retreat in the Lower Blue Mountains

  • You've always wanted to try a retreat but haven't got a week to travel & the funds to try one overseas.


  • 1 x 90 minute dynamic yoga morning practice

  • Light morning tea

  • Local bush walk

  • Plant based lunch

  • Creative make & take session

  • 1 x 90 minute afternoon restorative yoga practice


  • Move the body & connect with the breath

  • Bring awareness to nourishing the body & mind

  • Learn about stress and the impact it's having on you

  • Cultivate mindfulness

  • Creative time

  • Learn to become reflective & develop a gratitude mindset

Arrive: 8:45 am

Start: 9 am

Finish: 5 pm

Investment: Early bird $139 (ends June 14th) 

                  Full price $159

To make it more time available & cost friendly I will have a couple places available for a half day option, please email me if interested.

This will be form 9am-1pm, you'll finish after lunch. 

Investment: $97

* Please check the Workshops & Events refund & cancellation policy at the bottom of this page before making any purchase.

*A payment plan can be made available for you if that is supportive. Please reach out. PayPal now allows for split payments too

* please note a minimum of 4 people are required for the event to go ahead as planned *




Feeling very relaxed after enjoying an evening full of ”bliss!” Will definitely go back for another session. Thank you so much Ash!

Moira, High School Teacher


I attended Ash's Bliss Night on the weekend & absolutely loved it! It was amazing to be able to take a "time out" for myself where I didn't have to think or worry & could just let go of stresses. Totally suitable for 'yogaphobes' as it was incredibly low impact & all about relaxation. I left feeling completely re-centred & was definitely blissed out. I will definitely be attending again. Thanks again Ash! 

Catherine, Senior Performance Manager


Coming to the end of uni semester, parenting my two school-aged kids, & having worked from home since March (with a heavy workload), it felt like time to treat myself to something focussed just on me. I really loved the peaceful time, free of worry. Also, the guided focus & breathing was a great way to reset & clear my busy mind. The poses were all new to me, so it was really nice to focus on treating my body with kindness – something my office chair doesn’t do!

I’d recommend the Bliss Night to anyone & everyone. Specifically busy people who struggle to focus on themselves.

Thanks Maya


I had an absolutely magical experience at the studio for the solstice women’s circle/yin yoga session with Ash & Claire… releasing, letting go, laughter & pure joy with wonderful women 🌀🩵✨ can’t wait for the spring equinox!

Natalie, Nurse 


The Winter Solstice was such an amazing experience. Such a warm and safe space to share, well organised and guided through by two very professional and passionate leaders. Thank you so much for welcoming me into your space.

Deanna, High School Teacher 


Ashlynn's Autumn retreat was exactly what I needed! A combination of yoga sessions, delicious & nutritious food, quality accommodation & good company made this the perfect Autumn retreat. Cannot wait to join the next retreat!

Madi, Primary School Teacher 


I had an amazing weekend away at the Wild Joy retreat in Bowen Mountain. Ash planned the weekend perfectly, providing many options for activities, a judge free zone, and flexibility to choose our own adventure. The food was absolutely sensational, and the location truly created a tranquil experience. Looking forward to the next retreat.

Deanna, High School Teacher


Ash provided such a positive and supportive experience. The weekend allowed me to regroup and find balance.

Ash’s yoga classes taught me the importance of being mindful of your breathing, your body and your soul.

Being new to yoga, Ash taught me the importance of finding inner peace and how it’s ok to escape the busy world in order to find balance.

The accommodation was tranquil and the food was outstanding. Ash is an amazing person with a kind and loving soul. She only wants the best for everyone and provided such a beautiful experience. Thanks, Ash. xx

Bianca, Primary  School Teacher 

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