“Yoga allows us to rediscover a sense of wholeness in your life where you do not feel like you are constantly trying to fit the broken pieces together. Yoga allows you to find an inner peace that is not ruffles and riled by the endless stresses and struggles, it allows you to find a new kind of freedom, one that you not have even know existed. Anyone can embark on this journey, it is not a religion or a dogma for any one culture, it is open to all regardless of birth and background.”  B.K.S Iyengar
This is the cherry on top.  Feed your mind, body and soul and put everything we do together into practice at my yoga studio.  Connect with like-minded people and start building your tribe of wellness warriors. 
In my classes, you will:

  • Build flexibility, strength, balance & appreciate your body for what it can do rather than what it looks like

  • Help your body rehabilitate and recover

  • Have space to breathe, think and reflect

  • Manage stress and fatigue, learn to relax the mind & body

  • Push your body to new limits and feel a sense of achievement

  • Develop an inner peace and mindfulness


Sounds awesome!  Let’s do it.


My class terms align with NSW Public School terms and are 75 minutes long (for adults). 

“If you think that learning to touch your toes or even stand on your head is the whole of yoga, you have missed most of its bounty, most of its blessings and most of its beauty”  
B.K.S Iyengar



Monday night Beginners / Wednesday night / Saturday morning

Classes are 75 minutes long (one class per week, for 10 weeks ).

Hatha yoga for adults has a strong focus on safety, focused and intentional movement and mindfulness. In each class you will perform a variety of poses and movements suitable to your needs, breathing practices (pranayama),  relaxation and meditation. 

Term 1 Starts 03/02/20 - 11/04/20

Term 2 Starts 27/04/20 - 05/07/20

Term 3 Starts 20/07/20 - 26/09/20

Term 4 Starts 12/10/20 - 19/12/20

$180     student/pensioner $155

Casual class $23

KIDS YOGA (6-8 yrs old) Monday afternoon

Classes are 40 minutes long (one class per week for 8 weeks).

Yoga for kids has a strong focus on safety, cultivating mindfulness and the ability to be reflective. In each class, your child builds their proprioception, balance and ability to focus. They will also practice a variety of breathing techniques (pranayama), relaxation and meditation. 


Term 1 Starts 10/02/20 - 30/03/20

Term 2 Starts 04/05/20 - 22/06/20

Term 3 Starts 27/07/20 - 21/09/20

Term 4 Starts 19/10/20 - 14/12/20

$80     Casual class $10

KIDS YOGA (12-17 yrs old) Monday afternoon

Classes are 60 minutes long (one class per week, for 8 weeks).

Yoga for teens has a strong focus on safety. As well as cultivating focus and mindfulness, to help build their social, emotional and physical well-being (potentially helping to reduce the effects of the Hormone Monster).

In each class your child cultivate their proprioception, focus and balance. They will also practice a variety of breathing techniques (pranayama) and relaxation/meditation. All tools to use in real life outside of the yoga classroom!

Term 1 Starts 10/02/20 - 30/03/20

Term 2 Starts 06/05/20 - 24/06/20

Term 3 Starts 27/07/20 - 14/09/20

Term 4 Starts 19/10/20 - 14/12/20

$110     Casual class $15

FAMILY YOGA Wednesday night

This class runs every 2nd week.

Classes are 60 minutes long (one class per fortnight, for 5 weeks).

Always with a intention on safety, we build focus & mindfulness, to self and within the family.

In each class you will move in a variety directions, building proprioception, mobility & focus. You will also practice a variety of breathing techniques (pranayama) & relaxation/meditation.

There may even be some group/family activities too!


Term 1 Starts 12/02/20 - 08/04/20

Term 2 Starts 06/05/20 - 24/06/20

Term 3 Starts 29/07/20 - 23/09/20

Term 4 Starts 23/10/20 - 16/12/20

$130 - 1 parent & 1 child 

$160 - 1 parent & 2 children

Casual class $30 -1 parent, 1 child or $37 -1 parent, 2 children.


Classes are 75 minutes long, (one class per week for a 10 week term).

This class has a focus on slow graceful and intentional movement & mindfulness. It is a balance between YIN & YANG. In each class you will perform a variety of movements suitable to your needs, breathwork (pranayama) and relaxation/meditation. Poses will be held for longer to work deeper into the body & mind.


Term 1 Starts 07/02/20 - 10/04/20

Term 2 Starts 01/05/20 - 03/07/20

Term 3 Starts 24/07/20 - 25/09/20

Term 4 Starts 16/10/20 - 18/12/20

$180     student/pensioner $155

Casual class $23



I made and investment in me this year and I don’t regret it! I decided to give yoga a go this semester because I wanted to challenge myself and do something outside of my comfort zone and work to work on my mindfulness as I work in a hectic environment all day. It has become the best part of my week and every Monday I walk out of there feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of my week

Catherine, Senior Performance Manager


I am very happy to recommend Ashlynn and her yoga classes.
I started a beginners yoga class with Ashlynn half way through last term and have come to enjoy just how relaxing and calm I feel after every session. I decided I needed more stretching and relaxation in my life after having issues with a sore and stiff back that wouldn't go away. I am finding the classes are helping me with flexibility and the deep breathing is very relaxing for mind and body.
Ash makes you feel comfortable throughout and I love how we can have a giggle at ourselves.
Highly recommend you try it.



It was such a cleansing, healing and calming experience, balanced perfectly with physical challenge. Yoga is my opportunity to go within, work on parts of my body that I forget to check in with most days and connect with my breath. Ash delivered that and more! Ash's way with words created a beautiful sense of clarity so that I could relax into each posture and go with my intuition. With a herbal tea and a healthy treat to follow, her classes are a must for committing to your self care! Do yourself a favour I say! 

Claire Heenan, Doula


Anyone who knows Mia, knows she is an anxious little thing who overthinks everything. She loves yoga and has always been too nervous to join, but Ash has such a positive vibe about her and it encouraged her to have a go. She was pretty nervous but she came home happy and grounded and filled with positivity. Such a big shift in self confidence already just by allowing herself time to connect and be and self achieve.

I honestly can’t recommend Ash enough, def worth considering for your kids!!!

Mum of happy mini yogi

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