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Child protection policy

Child Protection Policy Awaken Health Wellness Yoga

Child Safety Officer: Ashlynn Abrahams


Our Child Protection policy is the framework that guides volunteers, students and visitors on appropriate behaviour with kids at Awaken Health Wellness Yoga. The policy focuses on how we can promote kids’ participation in our organisation and make it safer for them.

Awaken Health Wellness Yoga supports and encourages active participation of kids in yoga classes and workshops.  Each child’s views are listened to and respected. Where relevant, each child is involved in the decision making and particularly about matters that will directly affect them.

Awaken Health Wellness Yoga promotes kindness, respect, fairness and compassion for all staff, volunteers and students.  It is the staffs responsibility to maintain a safe and caring environment to all attendee’s and visitors.

Where applicable, all staff, volunteers and students have a senior officer assigned to support and supervise their work.  All new staff, volunteers and students will receive a copy of the Awaken Health Wellness Yoga Child-safe Policy. All teachers, event/workshop facilitators must provide their current certificate of insurance and Working With Children Check (WWCC).

Children are able raise complaints with their teacher, and teachers will report all complaints to the Child Safety Contact person. Staff have a duty of care to report any issue of concern to the staff member or parent/guardian of the child if necessary.

Our policy will be placed on the website for all students and the parents and guardians of children to view.  Kids and parents joining our program/s will receive a copy of the Policy, Code of Conduct and Dealing with Complaints process.

This Policy will be reviewed annually, where applicable, in consultation with the appropriate stakeholders.

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