hi friend!

Do you have the sneaking suspicion that there is more to life?


Are you feeling a bit meh?


Sounds like you’re stuck in the matrix.


Take the red pill!

I’m Ash and I’ve been there.  I’m here to tell you, there is another way!

So, what’s so great about me?  


Well, not to toot my own horn but…

To me, you’re not a number.  

You’re not a bank balance.  

You’re not a job.  

You’re not any one pigeon hole.  


I see you.  I see your big picture.  I know your past is a part of your present and I know you are one messy, tangled web of human complication.


I’m not about diets or strict exercise programs or unrealistic goals.  I believe in a holistic approach to health and well-being and I’m all about shifting mental, physical and emotional habits to help you create and maintain the lifestyle you want.

How I Can Help You?

Another year, another set of resolutions?

Make this year different and act!


ContACT Ash from Awaken today and get the swiss ball rolling.






Is this your To-Do list right now?

  • Laundry, laundry, laundry (Ain't nobody got time for Kon Marie folding!)

  • Throw a meal together 

  • Send a million emails

  • De hair body (is this just me?)

  • Look after mini-humans/fur children/husband/wife

  • Punish my body at the gym.

  • Make a date with friend, family and or significant other

  • Make time for myself - What is self love!?

Let me guess...you never get to the last thing on that list.

Don’t sleepwalk through your life.  It’s time to Awaken

                           Make yourself a priority!

Easier said than done, you say?Then let me help you!

I’m Ash from Awaken.  I understand the daily-grind merry-go-round better than most and I want to help you hop off.  I want to help you be present in your own life!  I want you to milk it for all of the joy, the fun and the opportunities, it has to offer.

The specifics:

Let me be your guide on the side as you work towards living your best life.  Whether you want to focus on one aspect of your life or feel the need for greater support, I can offer you guidance in these areas:



Screw feeling fat / frumpy / tired / sluggish / old and unsexy.  Life’s too short.  Let’s restock your cupboard, reprogram your habits and reinvigorate your body!


You’ve heard of mind, body and spirit.  Let’s take care of the mind and spirit stuff.  Get your inner workings working for you rather than against you.


The place where mind, body and spirit meet, hang out and create change.  You might not know much about warrior poses yet but you will meet your inner warrior, guaranteed.


Nobody said change was easy but with me, we can at least have a chat and a laugh and the occasional yoga-induced fart.


Whether you’re interested in just one aspect of my coaching, or you’re keen on the whole shebang, get in contact today and let’s have a chat.  Our first 40 minute meeting is totally free of charge but chock-a-block full of love and optimism!

You had me at yoga fart. Sign me up!
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