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Ever heard of A Health Coach? Even if you have, maybe you still aren’t sure exactly what they do!

You aren’t alone.

This is a pretty new industry. But it makes perfect sense that there is a new and growing range of health professionals that are becoming more widespread and available for us.

You: "Why though?"

You may have noticed that we are living longer, however, we are unhealthier than EVER! Even if it isn’t a weight issue for you, that doesn’t mean you escape the potential for any range of 21st C diseases. We are currently in a cycle of SICK Care not HEALTH Care. Generally speaking the current model of health care is simply slapping a band aid over ailments and not actually getting to the root cause for most people. This isn’t to say that allopathic medical care doesn’t have its place, it absolutely does. But there is space for more!

Abracadabra! This is where a Health Coach comes in. There is a growing collective consciousness and awakening (see what I did there! ;), people are beginning to realise that their health issues are not a life sentence and a lot of the time reversible!

You: “Wait… what so I don’t have to suffer all the days!“

Me: “Um. Heck no!”

You: "M-kay, but what is a Health Coach?"

Each Health Coach is different. They may specialise is specific areas of health – usually because of their own experience of ill health. They come with a variety of titles, ranging from the obvious, to; Integrative Nutrition Coach, Wellness Coach, Lifestyle Coach,Health and Wellness Coach, Nutritional Support Coach, Holistic Health Coach… the possibilities are endless!

I like to call Myself a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, but that doesn’t fit into an insta bio lol

You: “But what does it all mean Basil!”

Here it is, most Health Coaches have mastered the art of the basics. Yep, basics! Like timeless jeans and a white shirt basics! It doesn’t sound like much but these basics make the biggest difference when you apply them with regularity & consistency. We need to remember that life is a marathon not a race, and so these basics support you through said marathon.

What do I mean by basics of life? Essential life skills that we have been conditioned out of because things are more convenient than ever! Not just about what to eat but how to optimise each and every day.

The thing is that these basics are always overlooked for the dreams and hope of that one magic bullet. Hate to break it to ya friend, it ain’t gonna happen! One thing that my Pop has always said, “don’t wish your life away!”

You: "So what do you do?"

Me: "I’m glad you asked."

I help and support people one-on-one to make specific and individual changes that they most desire for their life. I keep them accountable for said goal/s and keep them connected to their why. Because without the WHY, it really is just a dream. I am here to guide people who are chronically stressed, fatigued, anxious and disconnected. I help them get back to the magical basics so that they can create more calm, peace and intention is their lives. I help you uncover you unconscious habits and behaviour that are keeping you stuck.

Why do I do this?

It is my mission and my duty to help heal the world, one person at a time and I started with myself. I had an adventure I had to experience to arrive here with you reading these words. It pains me to see people suffering (not matter the suffering). I believe so strongly in education, not the curriculum and syllabus kind, been there done that (It made me sick – next Blog). But the life kind, helping others through life school. I absolutely believe that helping others to become the best version of themselves will have a ripple effect and will heal the hurt, pain and suffering that all earthlings and Pachamama are currently experiencing.

I hope this helps...and makes sense! I vehemently believe that we all need help and that we can heal the world, starting with us.

If any of this intrigues you, check out my services I would love to connect with you to find out if I can help.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Big love & peace out xxx

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