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I am an experienced Secondary teacher, also having 2 years experience in a leadership role teaching Positive Psychology at a tough Western Sydney High School. More recently I have become a qualified Yoga teacher and Holistic Health Coach. My teaching career has highlighted the the importance of supporting students to build resilience and their capacity to develop a growth mindset, so that their experience of high school is maximised and sets them up for their best life outside of school. I see school as an intervention site for issues like stress and mental health challenges.

Building our students’ capacity to become self regulating and emotionally intelligent young adults is paramount. I fundamentally believe that our youth need help navigating the inner workings of their minds, habits and beliefs about themselves so that they can approach their education and life with mindfulness and awareness. This support will help to cultivate sustainable living habits and self empowerment. I believe that a holistic approach to education is the key to cultivating optimal health and wellness in our youth, so that they become lifelong learners, self-study through reflection and become functioning global citizens that our 21st Century world needs.

This said, I offer my expertise and practical strategies in stress management, mindfulness, health and wellness tips for a sharper mind, improved self-concept and positive relationships. I have outlined two available options:

FAMILY YOGA Wednesday night

This class runs every 2nd week.

Classes are 60 minutes long (one class per fortnight, for 5 weeks).

Always with a intention on safety, we build focus & mindfulness, to self and within the family.

In each class you will move in a variety directions, building proprioception, mobility & focus. You will also practice a variety of breathing techniques (pranayama) & relaxation/meditation.

There may even be some group/family activities too!


Term 1 Starts 12/02/20 - 08/04/20

Term 2 Starts 06/05/20 - 24/06/20

Term 3 Starts 29/07/20 - 23/09/20

Term 4 Starts 23/10/20 - 16/12/20

$130 - 1 parent & 1 child 

$160 - 1 parent & 2 children

Casual class $30 -1 parent, 1 child or $37 -1 parent, 2 children.

KIDS YOGA (6-9 yrs old) Monday afternoon

Classes are 40 minutes long (one class per week for 8 weeks).

Yoga for kids has a strong focus on safety, cultivating mindfulness and the ability to be reflective. In each class, your child builds their proprioception, balance & ability to focus. They will also practice a variety of breathing techniques (pranayama), relaxation & meditation. 


Term 1 Starts 1/02/20 - 29/03/21

Term 2 Starts 26/04/20 - 15/06/21

Term 3 Starts 19/07/20 - 6/09/21

Term 4 Starts 11/10/20 - 6/12/21

Active Kids Vouchers also accepted. 

Use the code ACTIVE KIDS at checkout to book & pay with your voucher. You will be emailed with a request for a copy of the unused voucher & date of birth to complete the transaction. 

$85     Casual class $10



In this package we dive DEEPER again. Perhaps things have been going south for a while now & you feel like more time to really delve into the nitty gritty of your habits & beliefs is the right thing for you now. 

Maybe you are feeling that your work life balance doesn't even exist. In fact work is unsustainable! You feel overwhelmed and anxious most of the time. You are fatigued and running on empty. You are mentally & emotionally exhausted, which then impacts your mental health. Don't forget about the brain fog on top of that. You have lost all connection to your mind body & spirit. As well as your loved ones.

You try to eat well but have limited nutritional knowledge. Which then leads to self-loathing. On top of this the chronic stress is weakening your immune system, causing inflammation & toxicity in your body and you start to or have developed an autoimmune disease. I know these feels all too well!


What would life look & feel like if :

  • Stress didn't rule your life

  • You had vitality and bountiful energy

  • Deep, honest and vulnerable connection to yourself & others

  • A thriving mind that was strong and resilient 

  • A state of calm like the Dalai Lama


Can you picture it??? I can and it is magic!

Always focusing on my 3 principles of health & wellness: MIND, BODY & CONNECTION I support you through a lifestyle overhaul.

In addition to the previous 12 sessions (above), we will also cover;

  • Deeper nutrition

  • Spirituality & Rituals

  • Money

  • Detox - Minimalism continued

  • Conscious life - Eco friendly life


As well as other topics or pain points that feel more relevant to you and your circumstances. This is about you and your unique bio-individuality.

I'll guide you and help to keep you accountable to make the changes that you desire. In this 18 one-on-one session program over 4 1/2 months, we'll take a DEEP dive into your life. You'll learn how to make life shifting changes & develop new habits that bring awareness to your beliefs, stories and values so that you can live in alignment with your intentions. Bringing more grace and ease into your life.

If you prefer we can meet every 2 weeks. This 9 month time frame gives you quality time & space to curate the life you actually want to live.

FREE 30 minute Discovery Call, to find out if this is right for you?


These sessions are 50 minutes each, one-on-one in person or via zoom



Payment plan available


Monday 11th of January 


  • 3 x 30 minute yoga sessions

  • Make and take session

  • Light morning tea & afternoon tea (or byo depending on dietary requirements. lunch not provided)

  • Creative time/art making

  • Dance party

  • Reflection & gratitude

Same OBJECTIVES as above

Arrive 8:45am

Start time: 9am

Pick Up: 3:30pm

Yoga mats & props provided


Active Kids Vouchers also accepted. Use the code ACTIVE KIDS at checkout to book & pay with your voucher. You will be emailed with a request for a copy of the unused voucher & date of birth to complete the transaction. 



Yin & Restorative Yoga experience

2021 dates:  

Saturday 17th of July

Saturday 7th August

Saturday 4th September

Hi Gorgeous people! 

Are you tired, overworked, and needed by everybody all the time? Do you need some YOU time!?


Introducing an evening of BLISS. An experience that is so divine, you'll want to do it again & again.


I'll guide you through a beautifully restful & equally rejuvenating Yin & Restorative Yoga experience. All you have to do is show up & let the bliss vibes flow!


Relax with gentle yoga, unwind & chat with friends & new people. And enjoy delicious plant based treats & herbal tea.

Sound like bliss?


I'm making this an intimate gathering, only 10 people tops. So get in fast!


Silence is golden! So, maybe you would like to come half an hour early to enjoy peace & quiet before it all get started. You can chill in the studio. Perhaps read a book, have a tea, journal, meditate or take an extra long savasana! It's totally up to you.



  • 90+ minute yoga 

  • plant based treats & herbal tea

Join: 5:30 pm (If you would love silent time) or join by 5:55pm

Start: 6:00 pm

Finish: 8:00 pm (ish)

To follow health & safety procedures within Covid-19 guidelines, please bring your own mat & props where possible. Once you have booked & paid, an email of what to bring will be sent closer to the date of the event.

Price: $40