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3 Principles of Health & Well-being

How did I come to these principles? For over 10 years I have been changing, adapting and refining my health and well-being. I have discovered that these principles underpin most of the things that I currently do.

The following principles are broad in definition, so I use them as umbrella terms for a range of other tools, strategies and sub-categories of health and well-being. These aspects of health may seem unrelated to a newbie to the health and wellness space, however, over time they cross over and seamlessly integrate together to build the bigger picture of holistic health and well-being.

1 - MIND.

The mind really does underpin holistic health and well-being for me. For this reason and many others it is the first principle of health and well-being that I prefer to begin with and discuss with my clients. All too often it is ignored. But thankfully the mind aspect of health is beginning to be more widely discusses as a vital aspect of our overall well-being.

You may ask, what is the mind?

For me, the mind is anything to do with beliefs, thoughts, mindset, behaviours, habits, perception of stress, meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, and much more. The mind is an impressive computer that has enabled us to evolve to this very point of our crazy but beautiful existence today. And it is still one of the most misunderstood parts of the body.

Did you know you can create a stress response in your body just through thought alone! That's a big deal for our health.

Even though I am interested in the science (but not a science academic), I am simply fascinated with what it is to be human & to explore the very things that make us human. I love helping people to unpick and uncover their social and cultural conditioning, so that they can let go of the unnecessary and move forward with their life. In this way the mind is an integral piece in our ability to make the changes that we desire.

2 - BODY.

Some of this may be obvious, other parts not so much. In my coaching we explore circadian rhythms, morning & evening routines, nutrition, movement, exercise, the breath, sleep, relaxation, inflammation, hormones, low tox life and the list goes on. You can see from this list that the body is so much more than what you eat and the exercise that you do.

All too often we over identify with our meat suit, to the point that it becomes an obsession. I'm totally guilty of that too! But how does this serve us?

The body is an intricate, delicate and complex system of systems. Our body can be thrown out of kilter and effected by so many things external and internal to the body. This is why I explore things listed above, we need to nurture and nourish the body in more than one or two ways. It is an entire ecosystem in itself.


Connection may be one of the more confusing principles. These principles include things like spirituality, relationships, environment, nature, self-care rituals, pleasure, play, service, values.

Connection is really about re-connecting to your true self. Not the external and material self but the subtle self, the no material self that lives within the meat suit. Take away all of the materials, conditioning, stories to uncover the truth of you as a soul having a temporary human experience. This is often the last piece of the health and wellness artwork that many of us explore. How do we get to this subtle self? By connecting to the truth of you. Is that a bit to woo woo!? Did I lose you?

There you have it, my 3 principles. All of this may sound like a lot to take on, but trust me they are all basic life skills that we have been socially programmed out of. Our Post Modern World and love and conditioning of ease and convenience has encouraged us to lose the basic principles of a simple and healthy life. Health and wellness is honestly about reconnecting to our natural rhythms, cycles, natural environment, and as much as possible simplifying life.

In the same way that I have worked through my own health and wellness evolution, I help people who are also struggling with theirs to come back to basics. These basics actually work! More importantly they are sustainable.

What this really is all about is self-devotion. I know this may sound selfish and egoic, but this is exactly why a lot of us are unwell or have diseases. We have to take responsibility for our own health and wellness, other people can’t so it for us. Be devoted to cultivating your optimal health and wellness sustainably over time. Optimal health and wellness will look different for all of us.

If you would love to know how I can help you explore your mind, body and connection, contact me to book in a free 30 minute discovery call! I would love to connect with you to find out if I can help. Check out my services

Keep fighting the good fight!

Big love & peace out xxx

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